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From what we should eat to minimizing risks of epidemics to cutting-edge transplant methods, Health Sciences are what keep us moving forward. This is where science shines not only as a life enhancer, but also as a life saver. Many researchers studying health sciences also serve as practitioner and doctors, giving them a unique perspective that spans the lab and its implications for the people it serves.


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Meditation reduces pain, and blocking opioid receptors makes that effect even stronger!

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. Over the last 10 years, a series of well-designed laboratory studies using pain induction and healthy meditation practitioners have shown that meditation can be helpful for dealing with pain. When meditators are given the same kind of stimulation and pain is compared before vs. […]

How to ‘stress’ preschool aged children in a laboratory setting

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. Standardized laboratory paradigms that reliably ‘stress’ young children are few and far between. Effective ‘stressors’ are needed to study the effects of acute stress on children’s emotional and behavioural regulation as well as to index the functioning of children’s biological stress regulatory systems. […]

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in World Trade Center Responders

Describe your research and the big picture problem or puzzle it addresses. While many 9/11 World Trade Center First responders developed posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, the way that the symptoms presented differs across individuals. For example, some first responders had many of the classic symptoms of PTSD (e.g., hyperarousal, nightmares, depressed mood, and avoidance), […]

Do personalized Text Messages Help Smokers Quit?

Changing habits and behaviors is hard. We can all think of a time that we set a goal – cutting down on sweets, for example – and didn’t stick with it despite our best intentions. Quitting smoking is such a goal for many people. Specialized quitting programs can increase success, but those programs are not […]

Social Transfer of Pain in Mice

  This manuscript characterizes the first model of socially transferred pain in which mice housed in the same room as mice subjected to inflammatory- or drug withdrawal-induced pain develop congruent hyperalgesia. This pain is communicated via olfactory cues. This model provides 3 For the pain field, we show that pain can be induced solely by […]

Parenting an Early Adolescent: a Pilot Study Examining Neural and Relationship Quality Changes of a Mindfulness Intervention

Relationship between parents and their adolescent children are notoriously rocky, but research shows that a warm, caring parent-child bond can protect kids from problems during adolescence such as substance abuse, depression, and delinquency. That’s why it’s important to understand how parents can strengthen their relationships with their teenage kids. In this research, we studied whether […]

Life-threatening diarrheal diseases continue to be major causes of childhood mortality in the developing world: Study on novel associations

Diarrheal diseases can be life-threatening, and continue to contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality in infants and young children in developing countries. There is an urgent need to better understand the contributions of novel, potentially uncultured, diarrheal pathogens, or microorganisms that may cause disease, to severe diarrheal disease, as well as distortions in normal gut […]

Behavioural Profiling: Can Mice Help to predict Mental Illnesses in People?

Research shows that environmental stress can increase the risk of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Stressors, such as living in a large and noisy city and illicit drug use, are particularly harmful during adolescence and increase the risk for schizophrenia in later life. Prof. Moritz Rossner and doctoral candidate Dorota Badowska, from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in […]

Missing the initial diagnosis leads to lower quality of care

Unfortunately, many people with an acute illness use the emergency department as their gateway to the healthcare system.  Aside from the high cost of care, there are questions about the quality of care that can be provided for patients who enter into the medical system using the emergency department as opposed to a primary care […]

New Approach to Assembling Artificial Vascular Systems Uses Cotton Candy Machine to Generate a Randomized 3D Microtubule Network

As biotechnology evolves, the quest to develop more advanced materials that closely mimic the human biological architecture while being readily accepted into the body has gained considerable momentum.  In particular, the field of microfluidics (designing systems that will handle fluid in a tiny – less than 1mm space) has grown, bringing us the inkjet, DNA […]