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To advance as an equitable society, we must understand subtle phenomena such as the way history informs the present, patterns in cultural influence, and drivers of societal norms. Cultural Studies generally focus on interdisciplinary analyses of the ways that our culture – past and present – can shape our collective attitudes and behaviors. On The Field, we also use it to refer to the scientific investigation of societal forces, artistic expressions, cross-cultural research, and history.


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When they do not all look alike: Using identity to reduce own-race bias

Have you ever had the experience that members of another race “all look alike”? One of the most robust phenomena in social perception is the finding that people are better at remembering people from their own race. This effect – called the own-race bias – is often interpreted as the consequence of perceptual expertise, where by […]

The Neuroscience of Why We Give: Positive Emotions Predict Donations

How do people make decisions regarding charitable giving? While there are people in need all around the globe, why is it that some people and organizations receive donations while others do not? Research by Brian Knutson, Paul Slovic, Daniel Vastfjall and I recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that including photographs of donation recipients […]