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Science Picked for You

We know that it’s not always enough to have access to more information. Sometimes it’s helpful to have some guidance or to have someone else do the hard part for you!

That’s why we’ve created a system for scientists, educators, and advocates who are passionate about sharing their curiosity. We call them our  to become official curators. Each curator will pick a question they are interested in, and synthesize the current state of the relevant research in an attempt to answer it.

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  • Psychology & Culture with Alea Skwara
  • Marine Science & Genetics with Austin Ayer
  • Mental Health & Education with Katya Kabotyanksi
  • Biomedical & Physical Sciences with Dr. Natasha Mott
Every curator has their own voice and interests and do not necessarily represent the views of The People’s Science. You can follow specific curators on The Field by clicking their link above, or get all of our updated delivered to your inbox by signing up here.
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